xCAD Interior Light

xCAD Interior Light is a tool for planning and visualizing of interior designs. Modern concepts and software technologies are used in order to enable user friendly and efficient planning of furniture and designing of rooms. The software with its assistants and object libraries supports you when drafting a sketch but it also enables the planning of furniture and its parts lists.

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xCAD Interior Light

  • is for designers who want to visualize interior designs
  • offers a quick and simple design as a layout
  • enables users to design furniture in every detail
  • creates detailed parts lists for the designed furniture
  • is delivered with a comprehensive library of objects and material
  • supports the user when creating new libraries


  • planning and construction in 3D
  • gradual details of construction
  • extansive editing functions
  • variations and individual adjustments
  • extansive libraries
  • variable default settings as library
  • continuity up to the parts list
790,- EUR
(VAT excl)
Single user license
unlimited duration

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Product information (PDF)

Current version

Version 1.16.1

Available in the following languages

Deutsch  English  Slovensko  Russki

For the following operating systems

Windows 7  Windows 8  Windows 10
Windows 11
( Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, in 32/64Bit )

System requirements

minimum: 3 GB
recommended: 8 GB or more

Free disk:
ca. 8 GB

Graphics card:
minimum: 1 GB graphics memory
recommended: nVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1060 or better

Screen resolution:
minimum: 1280x1024
recommended: 1920x1080 (FullHD) or more, optional a second monitor