xCAD Internet Solutions

xCAD is the basis for solutions on the internet.
xCAD 3D models are visualized in the browser of the user.
xCAD through your product presentation on the internet will be a 3D-experience.

xCAD Internet Solutions enables applications in the following areas:

  • Ordering systems
  • Product visualizations
  • Calculation of prices and numbers
  • Sales tools for support


xCAD Added Values Internet Solutions

  • The customer sees your products in 3D quality
  • The customer can be interactive during the 3D planning process
  • Fast execution time
  • Product libraries allow the models to be used again
  • Individual business processes create an increased interest in the customer
  • Solutions for large firms lead to a better customer relationship. Models, materials, prices and production can be specified for the customer.
  • Compatible 3D models between xCAD Internet Solutions and xCAD Desktop Applications enable effective product marketing


xCAD Internet Highlights

  • 3D visualization in browser
  • Highest image quality through local visualization of 3D models
  • High performance through local visualization even if many users work at the same time
  • Workflow infrastructure through web portals