xCAD Interior - Plates cutting optimization

The modern use of machines is a prerequisite for fast and economical furniture production from designed 3D models

With our board cutting optimisation you can optimise your cuts for wood, plastic and other materials from xCAD Interior in no time at all. The data for the optimization process is transferred directly from the 3D models of xCAD Interior. The operation of the software is self-explanatory.

The cutting optimization supports the following functions

  • Automatic transfer of the size and material properties of the parts to be cut from the xCAD plan
  • Transfer of plate sizes from the material catalogs
  • Input of plate sizes for own material catalogs
  • Input of optimization parameters dependent on material type
  • Input of saw blade thickness and edging dimensions
  • Consideration of a possible grain direction / rotatability of the surface
  • Consideration and display of edge information
  • Short calculation times
  • Output of the cutting plans as PDF file
  • Printout of component labels

Information about xCAD plate cutting optimization